Senator Wadsack on the Issues

Issue 1 – Secure the Border: Pima County is on the front lines of America’s immigration crisis. The Democratic Party is allowing our people to become dispossessed from our own nation as it allows hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to violate our sovereignty every month. Arizona’s border is the largest crime scene in the United States, and so many of our domestic problems are symptoms of this core crisis. Until this invasion is stopped and the rule of law upheld, the border must be every Americans’ first priority. 

Issue 2 – Homelessness and Crime: Democrats allowed homelessness to destroy cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, and now they’re encouraging it to fester in Tucson. Rampant homelessness abets rising street crime, the spread of drugs, and an increase in communicable diseases. It’s a matter of public safety and public health.

Our children have the right to play in public parks that aren’t filled with filthy encampments. Our downtown businesses, restaurants, and shops have a right to prosper without having to clear away human debris from their sidewalks. And Arizonans have a right to safe, clean streets without having to step over glass, needles, and human feces. 

This kind of urban decay is a choice, and it’s a future Pinal County does not want.

Issue 3 – School Choice and Parental Rights: As Vice Chair of the Senate’s Education Committee, I have protected the Empowerment Scholarship Account program from Democratic saboteurs and helped ensure that every child in Arizona has alternative choices for an education best suited to their individual needs and their family’s values.

I told Katie Hobbs that not one single penny will be removed from this program, and that parental rights will never become subservient to her far-left indoctrination.

Teachers’ unions have every Democrat in the state in their pocket. But Arizona’s families have no louder or more passionate advocate in Phoenix than me. I like those odds.

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