Meet Senator Justine Wadsack


Justine has called Pima County home for over 40 years, with time spent living in Tucson and its downtown, Catalina Foothills, Rita Ranch, University of Arizona, Gates Pass, and Marana. She’s had a lifetime of experience in Southern Arizona, being enriched by its close-knit, kind, and generous sense of community. And as a fourth-generation realtor, she has personally assisted hundreds of families in their move to Pinal County and their achievement of the American dream of home ownership.
In 2011 Justine married her husband Garret, a retired major with twenty-two years in the United States Armed Forces. Together, they’re raising a beautiful blended family, including four children who have gone on to enlist like their father and two children with special needs.

Motherhood has motivated Justine’s crusade in Pima County on issues as expansive as education to healthcare. In a system that’s been designed to benefit itself, children with disabilities and their parents need an advocate that prioritize their rights and interests. In 2018, in defense of her own daughter’s safety and dignity, Justine challenged both state and federal agencies and won.

A self-described “citizen legislator,” Justine used her first-term as an instrument of her constituents, seeking their input on legislation and writing bills reflecting their concerns. She set a new record as a freshman legislator for the most sponsored bills passed out of the Arizona Senate.
She was honored as “Freshman Senator of the Year” by the Arizona Republican Party and recognized as “Elected Official of the Year 2023” by the Arizona Coalition of School Boards.

Justine Wadsack is incredibly proud to serve the people of Arizona and to represent her neighbors in LD17.

Justine has called Pima County home for more than 43 years, and has lived in Tucson, Catalina Foothills, Rita Ranch, Downtown, UofA, Gates Pass and Marana! As a lifelong “Tucsonan”, she understands the needs of the community, and understands what it will take to save Southern Arizona from the years of Democrat control. In 2011, Justine married her husband Garret, a 22-Year Ret. Major with 15 years in the United States Air Force, and 7 years prior enlisted in the Navy, and they have a blended family, with six children; (4) Veterans; (2) Special Needs. Being the mother of two special needs children has motivated her to fight for issues that have affected her and so many other Americans today. This led to Justine’s first hand experiences with an education & healthcare system that was designed for the system, not the children living with Type 1 Diabetes or other disabilities… much less the parents who need advocacy so their rights are upheld. Justine has taken on both the state and federal government agencies legally to uphold the safety rights of her disabled daughter, and in 2018, she won! Justine takes her role as a State Senator seriously, and considers herself to be a “Citizen Legislator”, who listens to the needs of her constituents, and writes bills that reflect the immediate needs of the people. Justine is a 4th Generation Realtor, and has helped hundreds of people achieve the American Dream. She was awarded the honor of “Freshman Senator of the Year” by the Arizona Republican Party, and broke and Arizona State record for the most bills passed out of the Senate by a Freshman Senator. She is proud to serve the people of Arizona, and to represent the people of LD17!


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