JUSTINE WADSACK  ANNOUNCES CANDIDACY FOR REPUBLICAN NOMINATION OF ARIZONA’S 2ND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTToday Justine Wadsack has formally announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District.
Tucson, AZ- Justine’s experience as a business owner, Realtor, military spouse, military mother, and disability advocate provides her several key groups of voters that share experiences with her that other candidates don’t have. “I am a third-generation Realtor in Southern Arizona who has helped hundreds of people achieve the American dream of homeownership, while at the same time donating nearly $40,000 of my commission to help with closing costs for veterans, police, and border patrol.” Justine’s diverse background and experience as a community leader make her the ideal candidate for Arizona’s Congressional District 2.  

Justine’s opponent Ann Kirkpatrick has voted with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time in Congress. Ann Kirkpatrick has shown Arizona Congressional District 2 that she is more worried about staying in the good graces with leadership over the needs of the district. Congressional District 2 needs actual representation in Congress, not another mouthpiece for the far left leadership in D.C.

Justine is a mother and step-mother to two special needs children which motivates her to fight for issues that have affected her and so many other Americans today. This led to Justine’s first-hand experiences with an education & healthcare system that was designed for the system, not the children living with Type 1 Diabetes or other disabilities. Justine has taken on both the state and federal government agencies legally to uphold the safety rights of her disabled daughter, and she won –- leading to Purple for Parents, #LEXIT, Lipstick & Lead (and others) endorsing Justine’s Congressional Campaign.  Justine’s greatest motivators to run for Congress are God, family, country, and her inherent need to help citizens who don’t know their rights. She calls for Border Wall Security, Immigration Reform, School Choice, Free Market Medical/Pharma & Voter Integrity to name a few. Justine is also Pro-Life, and a proud gun owner & member of the NRA, AzCDL, and GOA, fighting “Red Flag Laws” that threaten our second amendment rights and our rights to privacy and self-governance.


About Justine Wadsack
Justine moved to Tucson in 1974, and is a lifelong Tucsonan, living in AZ-2 for more than 36 years. In 2011, Justine married her husband Garret, a 22-Year Ret. Major with 15 years in the United States Air Force, and 7 years prior enlisted in the Navy, and they have a blended family, with four children: Caitlin, 26 who is serving  her 2nd tour of duty in the United States Navy, Graison, 21 who is active duty in the United States Air Force, stationed in Florida, Braeden, 16 with Type 1 Diabetes, and Julianna, 15 with multiple needs and the cognitive ability of a 3 month old.  She has 3 dogs; Bella, Bowie & Bailey.

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