About Justine

As a native of Tucson for over 36 years, Justine Wadsack has fought for the rights of her family and wants to continue to fight for the rights of Americans and the people of Arizona. 

As a small business owner, Wadsack’s professional experience includes building websites, marketing and advertising with the world’s top two agencies, and organizing concerts with national artists across Arizona. Including but not limited to the halftime shows with the NFL, and NBA. 

Justine is a third-generation realtor who has helped hundreds of people achieve the American dream of homeownership for nearly 10 years. She has donated nearly $40,000 to American Heroes such as Military, Police, Teachers, Medical & First Responders.

A mother and step-mother of two children with special needs, Justine has learned first hand of the daily struggles experienced by the constant conflicts with schools, teachers, and state agencies who abuse their power and accountability. Justine has seen how agencies are negatively-focused on parents of special needs children, and how far they will go out of their way to protect each other instead of the citizens they serve

While living as a single mother, Justine’s 5- year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She learned quickly that the system is not designed to help children with Type 1 Diabetes, as her insurance company dropped their coverage the month he was diagnosed, and no other insurance company would cover him due to his new pre-existing condition. Justine was having to pay $1000 a month to keep her son alive, while undocumented immigrants would receive free health care. This needs to change.

Justine is a step-mother to Guiliana, a non-verbal, severely physically, cognitively & intellectually disabled teenager with the cognition of a 3-6 month-old. Justine has fought to ensure Guiliana receives the care she needs without the restrictions of state government and will continue to fight for the needs of disabled children across the nation.

As a wife to a retired Air Force Major and with mother to a step-son also in the Air Force and a daughter in the Navy. Justine understands the struggles that military personnel and their families face. Justine will fight for the support that our military needs to protect our country and our freedoms.   

Justine’s personal experiences as a military wife, small business owner, and mother and step-mother to special needs children motivates her to fight for issues that have affected her and so many other Americans. 

Justine will fight for the people, as was intended by the founders of our great nation. It’s time to vote out career politicians and put the people back to work. 

With a name that means “Justice”, Justine is the only choice to represent Arizona and the American people!

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